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*** 7-30-2014 UpDate ***

P.I.H. Update 
The Break the Bank Campaign is coming along wonderfully. We currently have 100 people signed up to withdraw all their money from the bank. If you haven't done so yet please go to & Take the Pledge !! 

The Border Convoy.. Well things are certainly heating up with the border convoy. We have been doing sound checks and linking systems and gearing up a great line up for the folks out there to join in with us LIVE on the air 24 hours a day. To give ya a hint at our line up. We will have Sergio Sanchez from the Fox affiliate KURV news talk radio out of McAllen, Texas joining us on air sat the 2nd at 10 am CST. We will also have Laura Phares-Wilson Saturday Mornings 10 a.m. MST from The Microeffect Radio (and Galaxy 19 Satellite). Her show is called The Highland Perspective. We will also have on Mark Hoffmann's Patriot Nation Radio he is on FB and his radio page blogtalkradio. com/patriotnation Thursday at 6:00pm EST and again on Monday at 6:00pm EST. Please everyone come on out to the Rally at the Murrietta, City Hall in California Aug 1st at 6:00pm PST. Pete Santilli will be broadcasting LIVE there. Pete said to tell ya it is Permitted and lawful and for everyone to come !!

The Border Convoy starts  

August 1: Rally at 6:30 PM, City Hall in Murrieta, CA
August 2: Depart Murrieta, CA with possible brief stops in Yuma, Phoenix  
and Tucson before ending in Oracle, AZ. Over nighting in North Tucson  
August 3: Depart Tucson, AZ with possible stops in Las Cruces and El  
Paso. Final destination is Fort Hancock, TX. Backtrack to Southeast El Paso  
area for overnight.
August 4: Depart El Paso for Del Rio, TX as final destination. Overnight in  
Del Rio, TX.
August 5: Depart Del Rio for Laredo with possible stops along border.  
Laredo is final destination for overnight.
August 6-8: Depart Laredo for McAllen/Mission. Overnight in  
McAllen/Mission for two nights until end of convoy.

Currently we have 10 teams on the border of Texas. We have contact with 3. We have no supply lists or addresses to put out today for Texas but on the next update we will have at least one. We hold an open invitation for all active or potential groups on the  ground to contact us for any help we have to offer.  

Currently we have 3 teams on the ground in AZ. All 3 are looking for recruit’s also. Donations for these teams can be sent too them at the following locations. 

Operation Phoenix 
Is in need of Night vision at least Gen III, Need 5 tires. No mix match sizes for four wheel drive. Tire Size is 31x10.5x15, minimum tire model would be Big Foot. They also need prepaid debit cards and gas Cards too. Gear & Hard supplies are welcome. Please no food and water bundles that’s what the debit cards are for.  If anyone is interested in donating to Op Phoenix please contact PatriotsInformationHotline for donation shipping. 

West of 19 Operations
If you would like to join this group you can go to 
We are in need of BOG. These guys are in need of gas cards only. 
Az Border Recon
P.O.Box 37275
Phoenix Az 85069

Nogalas Az
If you would like to send gas cards or food cards they can be sent too.  

This will only be accessed weekly.
General Delivery 3848
Apache Junction, Az. 85117

California - 
The Border Convoy is searching for escorts from Citizens Militias on the route.. Bringing the spirit of Murrieta with us, we'll encourage communities to rise up and take a stand against unconstitutional federal incursions. Our initial border convoy will begin in Murrieta, CA on August 1, 6:00pm & head towards Laredo, TX, stopping to support citizen border patrols along the way. Feel free to call the Border Convoy Hotline which will be open 24 hours a day 7 days a week at 605-562-3140 Access 706268# You never know who might be on the line. You might catch Pete Santilli himself or maybe General Lee or even Barbie from PIH. The lines have been joined with ours so that they can stay open and up to date with all the on going information.  

For more information call
Patriot Information Hotline 24/7 
(559 726 1300) access 639939# 
This is a live call. 

Thank you to all for all your support!! 


Take the Pledge 

Break the Bank

Will you take the pledge to HELP america? 
Are you one of the few, the proud, The Americans? 
Do you consider yourself awake and see what is coming to America? 
Are you tired of your voice falling upon deaf ears in Washington? 
Do you see the country falling apart that you loved? 
Do you see nothing but evil triumphing over good? 
If so, join the call to HELP America. 

We are a group of patriots on a mission. 
We are calling upon every great patriot in this nation to help us
actually stop talking about doing something and, doing it.
We are challenging every American, to help us knock out the
beastly banking system by hitting them where it counts. We are
asking fellow Americans to remove their money from the
banking system as to not only show the government and
banking cartels that we are done playing their silly games.
We are asking every single American to help us by pulling
every penny of their money out of the bank for good,
because when you deposit your check into their bank and
leave that money in their bank you are supporting the
robbing and looting of this great nation because you are
giving them the fire power needed to fight against us, WE
THE PEOPLE. Congress doesn't have the power of the purse,
we the poeple have that power and we can show them better
than tell them. Won't you help your fellow American today
by pledging your support today? It doesn't cost you a
single penny and we can as a nation take this land back
once and for all.  

 Spread it far and wide. 
Go to
Click on Take the Pledge - Break the Bank 
Add your name to the growing list now...

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