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Patriots Information Hotline referred to as PIH. We are the middle men. We help with a lot of things like 

Large Fires = Coordinating Food and drinks for the fireman. Helping with rebuilds or fixes for all but veterans come first. 

Riots & Protesting = We support everyone's right to protest but are there to back the blue in case of riots.  In the case of large riots we will also step in to help businesses with security home owners and family's that are in the location of the riots we will help them get out. or protect them to the best of our ability. 

Border Security = We back all groups doing things legally at the borders. We will help set up supply lines and help with getting more people to patrol. We help in getting donations and making sure they go 100% to the ones on the Border not just saying they are. 

We are an in between contact for all Militia Groups, Patriot Groups, 3% Groups, Oathkeeper Groups, Guardian of the Oath Groups, Plus many more. 

Our hotline is open to all 

Sometimes we just don't have anyone to man the line but I will call you back if you call in. 

At any time you can reach the founder by clicking the email button on the bottem of each page.  

                                         Seize Every Day 

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